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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  October 8, 2018 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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used i got whispering skills. no word where the goat came. >> from surprised you read it like that. rob: i usually shy away from that not today. jillian: nope. goodbye after weeks of shocking acura occasion judge kavanaugh is now justifiable kavanaugh. >> if you want to pick judges, then you need to win the white house. >> i have had to have security because of threats against me and fame members. >> don't think the fight is over. it's just beginning. >> limo driver could now be the focus of the investigation in horrific crash. deadliest car crash in a decade. >> secretary of state mike pompeo landing in beijing this after a meeting with kim jong un in north korea. agreeing to a second summit
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with president trump. >> voting for democrats in the midterms elections saying i cannot support marsha blackburn her voting record terrifies me. >> looking for a second career win out of turn four. chase elliott is going to win ♪ i ain't never been nothing but good ♪ing. steve: hey, it's columbus day. ainsley: the weekend went quickly the workweek begins. ed: how did you get that golf cart from the villages? steve: straight up 95. ainsley: how were the book signings? steve: great. thousands of people came out sold out of every book in the state of florida. don't worry, they're making more. that's great. ainsley: i watched some of the video you posted online the crowd. it never stops. ed: he had.
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steve: it was amazing. people drove 7, 8, 9 thundershowers from different parts of the country because they are big fans of the fox news channel. ed: cooking for you and bringing it to you. steve: couple ladies in tampa brought me the blue berry buckle they want would to see me eat it and it was delicious. please, do not bring me any more food. ed: over the weekend a lot going on. judge kavanaugh finally justice kavanaugh. steve: set for a ceremonial swear-in at the white house tonight at 7:30 p.m. you will see it here at 7:30 p.m. on the fox news channel. a private meeting saturday. ed: griff jenkins is hard at work in washington with what justice kavanaugh has been up to already this morning. >> wasting no time to get to work. he was sworn in on saturday by chief justice roberts. tonight the public will get to see a swearing n the east room of the white house. do you remember back in confirmation hearings.
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kavanaugh said no federal judge has sent more women law clerks to clerk on the supreme court than him. he continues that record with his four new clerks all of whom are women. here they are. kim jackson, shannon grem melgrammel began lacy and sara nommensen. >> a first guys in history. here is a peek at the supreme court. firearms, immigration, asbestos exposure. another lengthy seasons for firearm offenders who have three priors. which illegal immigrants can be detained during deportation hearings. third sailors seeking damages for asbestos e possibly. today is columbus day so justice kavanaugh won't take the bench until tomorrow. is he off to the races and already making history,
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guys? steve: thank you very much, griff. not only making history, making headlines. i was at a book-signing down in florida over the weekend. and when the vote happened, apparently somebody was watching. and the word traveled fast and there was a roar about the outcome of it. you would think it would be settled, but the politics are still very raw. ainsley: oh my gosh i had to give a speech on saturday at the extraordinary women's conference. while i was on stage i brought my phone on stage and i said when you hear the fox news alert, you know he's confirmed. i was speaking between 3:30 and 4:00. the fox news alert came up. and the crowd went wild and i opened up and said wait a minute, this just access that they are starting the voting. then a lady in the audience got her fox news alert before me and she said ainsley, he was confirmed. he was confirmed. so i announced that. ed: the president of the united states had jobs numbers roaring. north korea summit 2.0. trying to denuclearize the
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korean peninsula and kavanaugh confirmed. you see the president reshaping the high court and democrats are extreme upset about already talking about impeaching him when f. they take back the house. senator hirnl know said to all mental sit down, move out of the way here as we are going to this confirmation. listen to dr. ford, she had a lot more to say yesterday. watch. >> he's going to be on the supreme court with a huge taint and big asterisk after his name. everyone knows that when you you just interview a small number of people and not the dozens of others who wanted to be interviewed by the fbi. that is a sham. and it raises more questions than it answers. so this whole impeachment thing, you know what? i'm very focused on the here and now. all these very angry women maybe out there. steve: talking about women out there angry. the big question now is will that anger translate into
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votes for democrats in the midterms. ed: is it women on the left or women on the right as well who are upset about how justice kavanaugh was treat you had. ainsley: lit debate on both sides. senator hirono when asked about the impeachment. some are calling for impeachment of judge kavanaugh. she says i have laser focus on the midterms. lindsey graham says the goal for democrats is to overturn the president election. listen. >> i hope everybody running for the house in these purple districts will be asked a question, do you support impeaching judge kavanaugh based on five allegations, none of which could be crocketed. do you want an outcome so badly that you would basically turn the law upside down? here's my point. the other side of wants to cancel the election. so, chuck, you want somebody new. look at this list and see if there is anybody you agree. to say what you want to do senator schumer is to overturn the election. you pick the judges.
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we're not going to let you pick the judges. if you want to pick judges, then you need to win the white house. ainsley: lindsey graham says he is going to campaign now in those purple states. steve: he many times says look when he brought up elena keg began and sotomayor, i wasn't a fan but i voted for them. in the fallout now a number of republican senators have been facing death threats cory gardner's wife somebody being behead he had. where they get the phone numbers. apparently the start of every congress they get a little book that they give to members of congress and their staff and they have everybody's cell phone numbers. it looks like somebody who had access to one of those little books. ed: somebody on the inside. ainsley: even includes the wife's cell phone number in this book? steve: probably because the contacts to get ahold of the senator. senator susan collins who made an amazing speech on
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friday where at the very end she says i'm going to vote for brett kavanaugh. she says this has been tough on a lot of senators on the republican side. >> it's been very difficult i have had the honor of serving in the senate for nearly 22 years. and this is as ugly as situation as i have ever seen during that time. i have had to have security because of threats against me and family members and staffers. and this has been unlike anything i have ever been through. ainsley: i was reading through some of the tweets. my word, they are awful. i want to punch senator collins in the face. i hope someone kills you. you have sold out every woman in the country. if only you were capable of shame. maybe you would kill your horribleself. you don't deserve to call yourself a representative of anyone. shame on you. steve: you wonder who are behind those and those protests. we discovered over the
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weekend according to somebody from vice news one of the editors there. apparently some of the protesters responsible for viral moments were actually paid. listen to shawna thomas. >> we also saw people who were organized. in that moment with jeff flake on the hill, we talked to one woman who works for ultraviolet who was paid. she helps steer people in the right ways to be able to con front senators. >> they were paid. >> there were people paid by organizations like ultraviolet to try to harness that energy in a way that would make the viral moments that we ended up seeing. >> shawna claferred after that program on abc. she didn't mean people were being paid to protest. she said there were genuine people there protesting against kavanaugh. but people were paid to steer them to that elevator, say, with senator flake, to steer them. steve: the viral moments. ed: the viral moments. the elevator with senator flake that changed this debate briefly but then
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obviously it took it off course for a week. but then, he was eventually confirmed, kavanaugh, anyway. and you saw people climbing um on the statues of the supreme court, banging on the door. remember late in 2016 during the campaign we heard all of these people on the left saying if donald trump loses, he is simply not going to enis the results. he will never move on. he will be on twitter. steve: he said he might not. brian: hillary hasn' hasn't movd on and many have not moved on. >> we will see this every single time if the institutional left is allowed to regain power. this will become our regular politics. chief cultural of our nation are in the hands of leftist radicals who don't care about individual rights or at least not the individual rights of those who disagree. in their pursuit of utopia, every person is either a tool or obstacle. now that justice kavanaugh is joining the supreme court don't get complacent.
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don't think the fight is over. it's just beginning and now we know the stakes. remember that on november 6th. steve: 13 hours from right now he is going to be sworn in by the president of the united states, you will see it live right here on the fox news channel. ed: there was a people all over the president trump's calendar leering every day it said winning, winning, winning. ainsley: sick of winning. hand it over to jillian who has headlines for us. jillian: good monday morning and breaking news we have been following over the weekend. this is really awful a fox news alert now. a birthday celebration ends in tragedy in upstate new york when a packed limo blows past a stop sign and slams into an suv. all 18 people inside the limo and two pedestrians were killed. it's the deadly es crash in the u.s. in nearly a decade. the limo, a last-minute substitute for a van that was originally hired. among the victims, four sisters. the group celebrating the
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youngest one's birthday. >> 20 fatalities is just horrific. i have been on the board for 12 years. this is one of the biggest losses of lives that we have seen. >> two of the victims were parnghtsd twereparents to two y. there is go fund me page for two of the children. burials. if you would like to donate go to north korea is ready to alou inspector into the nuclear test test test testing sites. sticking points in denuclearization negotiations. secretary of state mike pompeo making the announcement overnight after wrapping up his meeting with north korean leader kim jong un. >> we had a good productive conversation president trump. steps along the way. we took one of them today with another step forward. jillian: pompeo also said the two sides are pretty close to agreement on second summit with president trump and kim jong un. florida governor rick scott suspending his senate
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campaign declaring a state of emergency as tropical storm michael approaches the coast. the storm set to become a category 2 hurricane before slamming the coast biens bye bye wednesday. so far no evacuations have been announced janice dean will keep update on that. ainsley: not a lot of time to get out. if you have to get out you only have a few days. steve: this democratic staff is accused of leaking production' personal information. the left told you he was just an intern. as it turns out, that's not true. ainsley: president trump picking up a huge win with justice kavanaugh's confirmation. will that help republicans win in november? lisa booth tells us how the g.o.p. can keep the momentum going ♪ we remember ♪
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honey the local game store wants to sponsor you. i want to sponsor you. ♪ yes. honey travis scott wants you to get these squad wins tonight. let's get these squad wins tonight. ♪ yes sir. honey, ninja is calling you up to the national team. ♪ you ready? honey. you ready? ♪ >> this election is a choice between a republican party that is building our future and a democrat party that is trying to burn our future down. >> president trump back on the road mobilizing voters across the country. is he going to do a whole bunch of rallies this week as the midterms start to heat up. will the g.o.p. crush that so-called blue waive.
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fox news contributor lisa booth. >> hi, ed, how is it going? >> i remember before the kavanaugh confirmation battle heated up and all the allegations came out. the "new york times" had a story saying republicans were frustrated the president kept talking about a red wave it was going to dampen republican enthusiasm. they were asleep at the switch. it seems to me they have been woken. >> they have been woken up. i think president trump in recent days has made it very clear that the house is at stake. there is a lot at stake this november. so many saw that play out in the kavanaugh confirmation battle and something that they so fundamentally believe. in which is the rule of law, basic fairness. we saw democrats have such little regard for it. that was terrifying for so many republicans across the country which is why we have seen in recent polling. you have some of these powells that the generic ballot cut in half from one month prior.
3:19 am
nrcc saw 175% increase in small donor dollar. ed: biggest fund raising day history in ever in non-presidential year. they are still raising money. voters who say midterms are very important. democrats 78% in july now up to 82%. g.o.p. 68% in july it was lower than the dems and as you say now up to 80% in october. how do republicans keep the momentum going though because there could be deflation now that kavanaugh made it. if kavanaugh had been defeated you could see republicans really furious. but now he got through there could there be a lack of enthusiasm. >> i think it's important for republicans to keep that going. now that that you have son-in-law soft republicans, independence maying attention. receptive to the message republicans are driving. important to highlight the stakes. president trump at the kansas rally. he said look, you don't give matches to an arsonist and you don't give power to an
3:20 am
angry left wing mob. the republicans' eyes open even more so than on an issue like obamacare. this has affected republicans on a deep and visz seller level there has been something so fundamentally wrong in the baseless accusations made against now justice kavanaugh that i think republicans are awake and ready to turn out in november. ed: guess what if democrats take back the senate judiciary chair dianne feinstein that might motivate republican voters. >> looking at the tennessee senate race, marsha blackburn has opened up the lead there kevin cramer in nowrd has opened up a wide lead over heidi hide camp and you are jon test test test tester in montana voting no. working with president trump. took out a first page ad in his newspaper before president trump came to montana. he is in trouble now. ed: lisa booth, thanks for breaking it down. >> thanks, ed.
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ed: tom perez already raising money saying republicans, quote, unquote. must pay a price. dan bongino next on that. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about?
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shared a picture. shared a moment. turn your wish list into a checklist. learn more. do more. share more. at home, with internet essentials. steve: quick monday morning headlines for you. next up susan rice could be gearing up to challenge maine senator susan collins in 2020. she will make a final decision after the midterms. she raised the possibility of running after collins voted to confirm supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. rice says she has owned a home in maine for the past 20 years. less fury over justice kavanaugh now shifting to another member of the supreme court. students at the savanna college of art and design in georgia demanding justifiable clarence thomas' name be stripped from a
3:25 am
building on campus. the petition stems from anita hill's sexual assault allegations against him back in 1991. and that is some of the news. ainsley: liberal protesters in melt down mode over shocking accusations. desperately clawing at locked chamber doors. some of the protesters in washington might have had enough motive. >> we also saw people who were organized and that moment with jeff flake on the hill we talked to one woman who works for ultraviolet who was paid. she helped steer people in the right ways to confront senators. >> there were paid. >> there were people paid by organizations like ultraviolet to try to harness that energy in a way that would make the viral moments that we ended up seeing. ed: dan bongino may have something to say about that. former secret servant agent author of spy gate. out tomorrow by the way. he joins us now to weigh in.
3:26 am
good morning, dan. >> good to see you. good morning. >> shawna thomas clarified that she did not mean protesters were being paid directly. they wanted to be there. they were there organically, she suggested. but there were paid people steering some people for viral moments. go get jeff flake at the elevator and the like. what do you think so about that? >> yes. listen, the left has gotten really good about, this ed. it was interesting. i was email someone before the show. conserving groups, a member of a lot of them. one of them emailed me if you have the time stop dune by some of your protesters for kavanaugh. at love the responses were fascinating. i really can't. i have a job. i have an actual job to go to. again, i'm not suggesting everybody who showed up here was paid and i know that woman didn't either. but it's interesting how the left has figured this out. they have learned to leverage social media and use their iron triangle of
3:27 am
media, media coverage, activist groups and people up on the hill to give the impression that they are somehow, ed, the majority opinion when they are not. they are not the majority opinion they are just good at pr. ed: despite all of that they still lost. >> do you know why they lost, ed? they couldn't win an election. they did well under two yeertsz under barack obama nationally but got wiped out locally. ironically, now they are trying to turn that model around. now they lost nationally under trump and trying to take seats back locally. i have got to tell you their efforts at this have turned the polls ironically in the republican direction. they may lose again. ainsley: democratic party is now using this so fund raise. raise some money. democratic chair tom perez wrote this in a letter to democratic supporters. he said in just 30 days we have a chance to elect democratic majorities in congress and for are the sake of our democracy we must. if you're able, make a $3 donation right now to make
3:28 am
republicans pay a price for brett kavanaugh. your response? >> yeah. this is totally unsurprising. they have been dropping a big l for a loss on the money front for a long time, the dnc. as a matter of fact, they are still cleaning up a lot of debt from their mess in the hillary clinton, donald trump election. you know, it's kind of despicable to raise money off this stuff. you know, listen, i ran for office. i get it know at the happens. i know people on both sides do it. i don't want to claim some high ground. this is a situation that's different. you were talking about a guy, supreme court justice, man fully supported being accused of reali disgusting things. this was kind of a red line on the fund raising front and they should have hard passed on this one and they didn't do it. goes to show you the desperation right now the dnc on the money front. steve: officially tonight, 7:00 p.m., he will be sworn in by the president of the united states, dan bongino, we will all see it live here tonight on fox. tomorrow your big book comes out. thank you for joining us
3:29 am
live. >> we will be loving every minute of that swearing in by the way. ed: all right. good luck. steve: meanwhile, mostly cloudy goes to hollywood with a new message for the president. >> what has made america great and still does and that is our diversity. steve: this time she brought backups. ainsley: the left blames susan collins as a fake family mist after voting for justice kavanaugh is that true. our panel of power house women here to discuss that next. ♪ no place i would rather be ♪ thankful for the freedom this country gave to me. even if it's a better car class than the one you reserved. so no matter what, you're guaranteed to have a perfect drive. [laughter]
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but as those who have known him best have attested, he has been an exemplary public servant, judge, teacher, coach, husband, and father mr. president, i will vote to confirm judge kavanaugh. >> look at that. all three of those senators susan collins helping to fill the supreme court's balance of power of favor in conservatives. brett kavanaugh bringing a new voice to the supreme court. so how will he shape the law of the land in the years to come? our panel of power house women here to react. we have radio host cathy barnett. attorney beth par lotto, who didn't get the memo to wear read. we have political science professor jeanne and noel nikpour. thank you all for being with us. >> thank you. >> we'll start with you, cathy, because you are closest to me, how do you feel about this. >> i'm so excited i'm so
3:34 am
edges sighted. >> why? >> for the past several decades democrats have been able to bypass the role of the people and go to activist federal judges in order to push their liberal policies down the throats of americans in order to fundamentally change america. well now that the highest federal court in the land has decidedly more conservative, meaning they'll interpret the constitution versus rewriting the constitution, democrats are going to be forced to now come and have a conversation with people like you and i. they will be forced to come and talk to us and try to win over our hearts and minds which is something they rarely do because if you look, the only large, sweeping legislation that democrats have ever passed was obamacare. typically, democrats don't pass large, sweeping legislation. instead they bipsz the people, go straight to activist judges, whether talking about sanctuary cities, second amendment, modifying that, whether even trying to stop the president from putting a moratorium on who can come into this
3:35 am
country. it will be really interesting when elitist democrats now have to come and talk to deplocials jeanne, how do you feel about these comments and how do you think it will effect democrats in november. >> we can look back to fdr's days. >> i'm not talking about fdr. >> i'm talking about. [talking at the same time] >> take exception to that what i would say is, you know, i, in terms of my comfort level teaching about the court, i am uncomfortable with both democrats and republicans relying on the court, and this goes back for centuries for our rights. i would much prefer our rights are defined and protected by the legislative body and not by the judiciary. so i am -- i think that democrats and republicans have to re-think what we want unelected judges to do
3:36 am
on the court. ainsley: jen psaki former obama communications member. she says susan collins is a fake feminist. livabllisten to this. >> she is trying to have it all ways. can't say somebody is credible and completely question their story. she struck a nerve with me on what she said and how she voted. that's political cowardice. that is somebody who is pretending to be a feminist but that is fake family ninge. feminism. ainsley: i have an article in front of me all of these awful tweets sent to senator collins how they wants her to die. how she is not a female. make feminist. some of them are too much for me to ivan rea even read on camera. >> professional as an attorney and judge for 12 years that is so osceol offensie to me. you know, judge kavanaugh had an exemplary record, and
3:37 am
he had said i had said at the ct for 12 years. if anybody watched what she said she put it out she is an attorney. i don't believe she is an attorney, senator collins, she laid it out like you would in a courtroom she laid out the case there was no corroborating evidence against him at all. and, do you know what i'm afraid of as a woman? it looks like the left has given us a new normal almost. they are changing the culture. it's kind of like changing the climate. that, you know, that if we don't believe somebody just because they are a woman, you know, that's almost like saying when hillary was running for president we had to vote for her because of her gender. it has nothing to do with gender. this was a great man. he had great, you know, great background as a judge. i think it's awful what she is going through. ainsley: noel, what did you think? senator collins went through all of his cases. she went through them with a fine tooth comb.
3:38 am
she does believe that something happened to dr. ford but she doesn't believe that brett kavanaugh was her assailant. >> you know when cory booker said he wanted to use this opportunity for a spartacus moment or whatever. i think susan collins had a spartacus moment. i heard from so many of my major donors that said right on senator collins. i thought senator collins gave a speech of a lifetime. she brought it back home. she brought it back what we were doing in the first place. he is innocent until proven it's. people had already in their mind just because of the accusation. guilty as charged. she took us back to the basics. i thought she was one heck of a woman. to say have an aide come on television and say she was a fake famil family mist. hofeminist. how dare her. wanted to hear her stand up for the truth. ainsley: what are your thoughts about senator collins and speaking out all
3:39 am
the reasons she is supporting brett kavanaugh. >> i think we have to respect the fact that senator collins 22 years, i believe, in the senate. she is one of the pioneers in the senate. and i don't like to judge people's feminism. i think she has done tremendous work for women and she has been a great example that said, what i think has made people uncomfortable is the fact that she says she, number one, believes dr. ford, and on the other hand also she said last night on 60 minutes she would never confirm somebody guilty of sexual assault. and those two concepts, she believes and she would never confirm has made people very uncomfortable. i would also say as a political scientist and researcher. there is no surprise that senator collins voted for brett kavanaugh. she has long wanted the court to be conservative. just like jeff flake. while they may have been uncomfortable with the allegations. they wanted a conservative court and she moved ahead. >> versus someone who wants to get in and rewrite the constitution and fundamentally change our nation without going to we
3:40 am
the people. yes, we do want more conservative judges who will interpret. ainsley: we have to leave it there i'm sorry. y'all were so good. will you come back in the 8:00 hour? >> yes. ainsley: i only got one yes? come on ladies, they are all coming back. hanged it over to jillian for headlines. ainsley: the democratic staff arrested for revealing personal information of republican senators was actually not an intern. jackson cosco's attorney revealing his client was a paid fellow for congresswoman sheila jackson lee's office. she claims she never paid cas co. is he accused of releasing addresses and phone numbers of senate judiciary committee members and wanted to reveal children's health records. he faces nearly 50 years in prison in convicted. the governor of mississippi is outraged over a high school band's halftime show that depicts cops at gunpoint. look at that republican phil bryant tweeting quote. this is unacceptable in a civilized society. someone should be held accountable. school officials say the
3:41 am
skit was loosely based on the movie john cue. the band director is on administrative leave. the display comes two days after two police officers were killed in the line of duty in a nearby town. the president of the mississippi police chief's association will join us live in the 8:00 hour to react. hillary clinton appearing to take a shot at president trump on a fictional tv show. clinton making a cameo on madam secretary advising the lead carriaglead character on hg white nationalist terrorists. >> the attack that made america great and still does. that is our diversity, remind americans of our nation's original motto, something that i think about a lot and which seems more important today than ever. e pluribus unum. >> madeleine albright and colin powell. >> that's a look at your headlines. janice dean has a warning
3:42 am
for -- yes, jillian, get to it real quick. we have almost a hurricane. michael 70 mile-per-hour sustained winds. take a look at it we are expecting it to strengthen within the next several hours. as it gets into the gulf of mexico. so, hurricane watches are posted there. in yellow for the panhandle. we expect landfall on wednesday as a cat 2 at least. perhaps strength to a major as it makes landfall and then it's going to dissipate quickly. quick move. it's going to still produce a lot of heavy rainfall. and whether you have got winds of 100 miles per hour. that's going to be a big problem across the panhandle and the southeast coast. all right, ladies, where are you from. >> louisiana. janice: can i come with you and get in trouble. >> yeah. janice: steve, we have a book for you to sign as well. three of them. steve doocy get out here. steve: i will be out there shortly, ladies. ed: i will let you do what that while i take away the tease. have you heard president trump say this to his
3:43 am
supporters time and time again. >> we are going to win so much. perhaps some of you, but not all will get tired of winning. anybody going to get tired of winning? >> no. >> get ready for more winning according to charles payne. he said the president just hit a grand slam for the economy he is up next for details. >> taylor swift breaking her political silence and she is supporting two democrats. who are they? stick around. ♪ look what you made me do. (engine roars) i think it will fit. ♪ want a performance car that actually fits your life? introducing the new 2019 ford edge st. capability meets power. in the first suv from the ford performance team. the new 2019 ford edge st.
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because you're better off healthy. >> we have the best economy in the history of our country unemployment has fallen to 3.7%. the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. america is booming. america is thriving. america is winning.
3:47 am
ainsley: president trump celebrating a new round of accomplishments, confirming a second supreme court justice on the heels of another record low unemployment rate and new trade deal. >> here to react charles payne host of meg money on the fox business network. >> good morning. >> we saw these jobs numbers that saw the before the confirmation. job numbers are good. the economy seems strong. >> the economy is super duper strong. beneath the surface on job numbers. everyone talks about the unemployment rate 3.7% is extraordinarily low. my favorite metric is employment to. that's pure right. as we get more people. we expect more people have a job. last month black americans. employment to population ratio, the best since august of 2007. hispanics, the best in september of september of 2008. by the way, of all the four educational categories, less than high school, high school, some college and college. only high school went up employment to population. in fact, it soared. because the kind of jobs
3:48 am
people have giving up through. mining flight roof. construction through the roof. manufacturing through the roof. by th the way, these are better paying jobs like leisure, hospitality and retail. steve: people most benefiting from this are they thinking, you know, we didn't have these opportunities five years ago. it's donald trump or are they just thinking it's one of those things. >> definitely saying they didn't have these opportunities five years ago. whether they are giving president trump the credit or not not sure. talk about trucking. whenever these companies order 53,000 trucks in one single month. you know, that means have you got to have 53,000 people to drive them. maybe another 53,000 to service them. these truck companies are dropping at love requirements before that kept people out of the job market there are people working in this country right now that two or three years ago had given up ever on having a good job again. ainsley: do you think it's because of tax reform? what's the reason for it? >> combination of things. policies, regulatory reform.
3:49 am
tax reform. unleashing something. unlocking something. corporate america for sure has gone into a fox hole. hered money antibusiness policy. finding people for dust particles or whatever it was there was a way to extract money from corporations. they sat on money. that's why there is so many money on the sidelines. they immediately started putting it to work immediately after the election. steve: charles payne, thank you very much. >> all righty. >> we appreciate you. ed: why is the left forcing astronaut scott kelly to apologize for praising churchill on twitter. you are not going to believe this story. ainsley: she is the mega pop star taylor swift breaking political silence to support democrats? charlie kirk here to weigh in on that next. ♪
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
♪ bad blood ♪ we used to be bad love. steve: taylor swift breaking her silence over politics signaling support for tennessee democrats. yesterday on instagram she wrote i have been reluctant to publicly voice my political opinions i feel very differently about that now as much as i have in the past and would like to continue voting for women in office. i cannot support marsha blackburn, she is a republican, her voting record in congress appals and terrifies me. here is charlie kirk. >> good morning. steve: why do you think taylor swift out of nowhere decided to get political. >> this is what i used to love about taylor swift she
3:54 am
stayed away from politics. all about music and female empowerment. she says the more i learn about marsha blackburn's record in congress i can't support her. maybe she should actually learn about her record in congress. being a co-sponsors of bills that stopped human trafficking. sponsors bills that stop the flow of drugs and opioids nut state of tennessee against domestic abuse so on and so forth. rather evident and clear that i don't want to accuse her of this. i don't think she is the only one that wrote that post on instagram. she probably got some very bad information. part of this narrative where celebrities that want to do good in the world, i will give her the benefit of good intentions are being told that people like marsha blackburn are horrible people and nothing could be further than the truth. the final thing is she said vote for bredesen. if you look at pred son's record when he was governor. huge allegations of covering up sexual misconduct in his administration when he was governor. reported by the associated press. steve: very latest fox news
3:55 am
poll shows burn burn a ahead of before the taylor swift endorsement by 5 points. i wonder, charlie, if taylor swift realizes she is endorsing phil pred sen who endorsed brett kavanaugh? >> correct, right. i don't think she is able to draw that distinction. tennessee has become a deep red state. president trump is so popular in tennessee, he just did another rally there which i think is only going to grow the margin even further. the final thing is. this women under the trump administration are doing better than ever. lowest unemployment for women in 60 years. wages are going up. business start-ups for young women record high. taylor swift i love your music personally. council yea west i'm a bigger fan of his. i wish you had not done. this stay away from politics. steve: very end of instagram post she talked about how tomorrow is going to be the deadline for registering to vote. it looks like it's an effort to get out the vote. the big quell is of the people who do vote on -- at
3:56 am
the midterms. will anybody be impacted by what taylor swift says? >> that will be interesting. she has amazing amount of cultural clout. steve: 100 percent. i wish there would have been some form of neutrality where she went about this. register to vote. and make informed decision that would have been proper way to go against it. marsha blackburn is against lbgt that's ridiculous. anyone who knows congresswoman blackburn has worked with her as i have. know that's so far from the truth. she will wonderful united states senator from tennessee. protecting the country and supporting the president's agenda. steve: i'm sure we will hear from the congressman later day for reaction. thank you to taylor swift. still ahead kris kobach, dinesh da souza, and jonathan turley. busy monday on "fox & friends" ♪ ♪
3:57 am
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at >> after weeks of shocking accusations, judge brett kavanaugh is now justice kavanaugh. >> he will be on the supreme court with a big asterisk after his name. >> if you want to pick judges, then you need to win the white house. >> i have had to have security because of threats against me and family members. >> don't think the fight is over. it's only beginning. >> the limo driver could now be the focus of an investigation in a horrific crash that killed 20 people. deadliest u.s. car crash in nearly a decade. >> secretary of state mike pompeo landing in beijing overnight. this coming after a meeting with kim jong un in north korea. kim agreeing to a second summit with president trump. >> taylor swift says she is voting for democrats in the midterm election saying i
4:01 am
cannot support marsha blackburn her voting record terrifies me. >> elliott looking for a second career win out of turn four. chase elliott is going to be-to-win at the monster mile. ♪ work hard ♪ play harder ♪ get loud ♪ go farther ♪ than any country boy has ever gone before. steve: live from new york city, monday, october 8th. it is officially, according to the calendar columbus day. and brian has the day off. and ed is in his chair. ed: taylor swift endorsement shake it off ainsley: how long have you been working on that one? you were working over the weekend big news can brett kavanaugh. >> saturday night big vote. after all this tumult and attention democrats lose and say we may jack it up higher. steve: in the meantime this, ed. >> the president celebrating one of his many big
4:02 am
accomplishments from the last week alone. steve: yep. he is having a good week. white house holding tongtsd at 7:00 p.m. ceremony for swearing in brett kavanaugh later today. >> kevin corke at the white house with a preview of what we can expect tonight. kevin. >> good morning, guys. it certainly was baiter confirmation process. boy, let me tell you a sweet outcome and sweet victory for the trump administration as the president prepares to welcome right here to the white house associate justice at the supreme court brett kavanaugh. wow, you never thought you would get there it was such long process. it is finally in the books. now, once seat you had, as he prepares to go to work tomorrow on the high court. >> judge kavanaugh will actually see a number of high profile cases, including those on firearms, immigration and asbestos exposure. very interesting. that case on immigration actually involves the custody and detainment of an illegal alien who was about to be deported. so that should be very interesting to keep an eye on. and he is also, i should point this out, continuing
4:03 am
his track record of elevating and supporting the development of women and law this is parted of his team of law clerks. elevating young women to those positions. as the president prepares to host justice kavanaugh tonight. chris: city says it's a well deserved victory lap. >> a trade agreement that people didn't think he was going to get done. unemployment in nearly 50 years and now a second justin justice on the supreme court. he deserves to crow a little bit. >> a great week especially when you think about that no longer nafta. the usmca. don't forget the president is off to orlando, then here tonight. east room 7:00 p.m. live coverage here on furnl. guys, back to you. ainsley: we will be watching. that's the ceremonial swearing. in and saturday the actual swearing in. >> swearing in by chief
4:04 am
justice john roberts. what's fascinating they were doing that inside the supreme court privately while hundreds were outside banging on the doors. climbing on the statues. steve: is he officially a supreme court justice. however, there are some people on the political left who are furious with this and, you know, after a number of republicans made impassioned pleas. somebody. now he has been identified he worked up on capitol hill. he put out the personal phone numbers and addresses and stuff like that. ed: might have gone deeper. the charges suggest he was accessing the private medical info of children of members of congress. no evidence yet that that leaked out or how you would even get that. is that from benefits claims or attending physician inside the capital? laws about private medical information. shows you the level of dirty tricks and how far think are in the gutter. >> ainsley: senator cory
4:05 am
gardner's wife was getting text messages of a bee heading. and then all of their personal information. all of his family members personal information. ed: where they live. being released. steve: worry is it could lead to violence. susan collins was on 60 minutes last night talking about her personal safety and threats against her family. >> it's been very difficult. i have had the honor of serving in the senate for nearly 22 years. and this as ugly a situation as i have ever seen during that time. i have hav had to have security because of threats against me and family members and staffers. this has been unlike anything i have ever been through. ainsley: tweeting out to her i won't mourn your death. i hope someone kills you. you should kill your horribleself. i want to punch susan collins in the face. i hope she dies a long, slow, horrible death.
4:06 am
steve: unbelievable. they have gone pretty low. will they try to go lower? look at this headline from the "new york times." on the left find more radical ways to fight kavanaugh. it's not justth activists. listen to the senator from the great state of hawaii who was reacting to the fact that a number of republicans and people on the political right have been chased down all over the place including restaurants. >restaurants. >> i think there are a lot of people very, very much motivated what's is going on. what happened from judge kavanaugh from the very beginning this is not a fair process. >> going after people at restaurants. >> this is what happens when you look at white supremacists and all of that, this is what is coming forth in our country. tremendous divisiveness in our country. but, this is the kind of activism that occurs and people make their own decisions. if they violate the law,
4:07 am
then they have to account for that. ed: she never denounced some of these dirty tricks and tactics. ainsley: she wouldn't answer the question. ed: you have incredible access to -- compared to the white house or pentagon much more in lock down. can you see senators walking around in the parks outside the senate in between votes going to get a cup of coffee. they will start pulling back on that and not be as accessible to the public. they are under threat right now and that's a shame. steve: historically people stood outside the white house and held up signs. same thing for the congress. that's why we occasionally hear people in the gallery at the u.s. congress yell out their point of view and will everyone looks up to see. now they are taking it to a personal level ging to people's homes. hey there is ted cruz in a restaurant. there is sarah huckabee
4:08 am
sanders, let's go after her. to suggest look in personal medical records of children of members children. ed: at some point this becomes inciting violence. ainsley: sarah sanders after restaurant attack then got security. how about our congresswomen do they get security around the clock. ed: some do or don't. if you chair a certain committee have you security. if you are a rank and file member maybe you don't. what i have noticed in recent years it used to be the top four or five leaders. and in recent years when i'm visiting the capitol. i see rank and file members with security. they are ramping it up before. this based on what's happened in the atlanta month it's probably at awful new level. steve: steve scalise held a high place in the hierarchy of congress. that's why his people were there and able to save all those lives at that baseball game but the average member of congress doesn't have security until this weekend. a number of people were
4:09 am
going back home to their districts. and when they were traveling through airports, they had to have police escorts because a lot of people were getting in heir face. ainsley: people get in their face with these cameras. ed: dan bongino in the last hour saying this. >> it's interesting how the left has figured this out. learned to leverage social media and use their iron triangle of media, media coverage, activist groups and people up on the hill to give the impression that they are somehow, ed, the majority opinion when they are not. they are not the majority opinion. they are just really good at pr. i have got to tell you their efforts at this have turned the polls ironically in the republican direction. so they may lose again. steve: that is interesting. so the big question is after brett kavanaugh has been confirmed. who is it going to energize? who is it going to turn out? there is some suggestion it could help republicans it could actually hurt a number of republicans running for the house because a lot of those tight races are in
4:10 am
suburban districts which were not friendly to president trump. ainsley: people said if brett kavanaugh is not confirmed more people will go to the polls because it's rallying the base. mad he didn't get through. now that he is through, i'm curious to see what will happen in november. steve: stay tuned. brian: brian. ed: a lot of other headlines this morning. jillian: a story we continue to follow out of upstate new york. a birthday celebration ends in tragedy in a packed limo blows past a stop sign and slams into an suv. all 18 people inside the limo and two pedestrians killed in the deadliest crash in the u.s. in nearly a decade. the limo, a last-minute substitute for a van that was originally hired. among the victims, four sister he is. the group celebrating the youngest sister's birthday. >> fatality is horrific. i have been on the board 12 years. this is the biggest loss of lives that we have seen. >> two victims were parents
4:11 am
to two young girls there is a go fund me page to raise money for their children. another go fund me hopes to raise money for burials. if you can donate go to all flags in north carolina ordered to fly at half-staff tomorrow to honor an american soldier killed in afghanistan army national guard sergeant james slape, 20 ied exploded. served as explosive ordnance especiallyist. the military bring slape home. draping his casket with an american flag. president trump is heading to the sunshine state today. he will speak at the convention of the international association of chiefs of police in orlando. the president expected to address issues affecting law enforcement officers around the nation as well as securing the southern border. and how about this? spacex making history overnight successfully launching and landing a rocket booster on the west coast for the first time
4:12 am
ever. that's crazy. >> people in california would see the sonic and booth irs. spacex only landed at sea and florida. what do you think about that? steve: see it go up safely and when it lands it is so cool. ed: ainsley asked me if i would go to space. i said i have already been skydiving. ainsley: apples to oranges. ed: have you gone skydiving. ainsley: twice thank you very much. ed: oh. ainsley: steve has done it too. steve: we have all done it. ainsley: space. i don't know, i might prefer somebody else to go. ed: how much further is it? ainsley: just one more mile. steve: outer space. ainsley: after justice kavanaugh's nomination, eric
4:13 am
holder's questioning at the supreme court is even legit. carrie severino clerked for thomas. she said this was the democrats' plan all along. she is coming up next. ed: why is the left forcing astronaut scott kelly to apologize for sending out a tweet praising winston. you're not going to believe this coming up. ♪ never compromise what's right ♪ and uphold your family name ♪ you got to stand for something ♪ or you'll fall for anything.
4:14 am
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4:17 am
ainsley: the former attorney general made headlines this week sent a tweet questioning the legitimacy that judge kavanaugh has been confirmed with the confirmation of kavanaugh he says and the process which led to it and the treatment of merrick garland the legitimacy of the supreme court can justifiably be questioned. the court must now prove, through its works, that it is both of the nation's trust. joining us now is chief counsel and policy director at the judicial crisis network and former law clerk to justice clarence thomas carrie severino.
4:18 am
thank you for being with us. >> good to be here. ainsley: what did you think of eric holder's tweet. >> that has been their strategy. they wanted it deny confirmation if they could. delay it if they couldn't delegitimize it. hoping to find some way to push back against who is now a constitutionalist majority. so they are not going to give them every decision they want. they will try to undercut the legitimacy of the court. i think it's ironic when you hear a lot of people complaining oh this is going to delegitimize the court. they are doing it by their own rhetoric. they know this is a fair and legitimate confirmation process. as fair as it could be under the circumstances. what the democrats were doing was very unfair. i saw from my own boss, i worked for justice thomas, you know, he had obviously a bruising confirmation process as well. he has served 27 years now with distinction. so many people recognized him as one of the most principled members of the court. he gets along great with his colleagues. so, you know, their wishful thinking that somehow
4:19 am
justice kavanaugh will have an asterisk i think is just that. ainsley: with your experience what did you think judge kavanaugh making good on promise hiring all four of his clerks are going to be women. >> someone who has frequently had a lot of women clerks. he feels very strongly about encouraging women this their careers first time in history that a supreme court justice will have had all female clerks. take that justice ginsburg. ainsley: a lot of women looking at one poll, a lot of women saying republican women that they are going to go to the polls very important for the midterm election to go to the polls and democrats, it's actually gone down. if you look at this poll. it's npr and pbs marist poll. in july 81% of democratic women said it was important for them to go to the polls. now, look at october. 79%. slightly down. for republican women 71 percent said it was important? july. now 83% say october. what are your thoughts? do you think that's accurate? >> yeah.
4:20 am
i mean, when i have been watching this confirmation process in particular, is seeing how concerned women have been about this process. the democrats will tell that you there is a monolithic voice for women. honestly i'm a conservative woman. i don't think that's true. if you look at the numbers, too. when we have done polling in red states like west virginia, or arizona, or north dakota. we saw it wasn't just strong majorities that want kavanaugh confirmed in general. strong female majorities. when you listen to susan collins' speech last week, i think it lined up very carefully and thoughtfully, what a lot of women were thinking which is we care about sexual assault. we want women to be heard, but we don't think there should be unthinking shut up men line like senator hirono said. we think you need to look at both sides. that's what she did. i think that's what a lot of american women are doing. they are concerned about the locals of due process. they want to see that maintain wanted for both men and women. ainsley: thank you so much for coming on. thanks, have a good one. columbus day not in columbus, ohio. the city named for the
4:21 am
italian explorer just made a big change to its calendar. plus, hundreds of conservative women congress together to share their support for coming up. rachel campos-duffy takes us behind the scenes coming up. ♪ that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques. for psoriatic arthritis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts, or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection
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4:25 am
of course. seven. how many babies were born to louisiana fire department in 11 months. the zachery fire department snapping this photo of their babies on their jackets. ainsley: that's really. we have meanwhile, conservative women from all countries gathered together this weekend at the first ever women for america first sunt in washington, d.c. >> rachel campos-duffy had the opportunity to speak to some those women about why they support president trump and his agenda an joins us with the latest. >> good morning. >> hi, good morning. i'm joining you from wisconsin. and i have to tell you it's really nice to be in my kitchen in my yoga pants and still have coffee with you guys. [laughter] ainsley: you look fantastic. tell us about the event. >> well, it was last week. all of this event was planned before the contentious hearing and actually happened last week before the vote came down. in the judiciary committee in the senate in general. the women were very
4:26 am
energized. it was an exciting event. they had great speakers. and here so the package and we will talk about it after. we are at the women for america first summit put on by women for trump. these ladies are ready to fight. their motto is heels on, gloves off. we will talk to some them righright to find out why they are so on fire. >> we have been hearing from women across the country that they want to come together. and so we threw this together so we could be like-minded women and talk about why donald trump america first agenda is an agenda for women and all americans. we have an amazing lineup. we heard from sarah sanders. >> the work we do because it's more outfront is certainly not as important or more important than all of the work that each of you do every single day. supporting this president,. >> there is a lot of women out there who support trump. but they are getting push back from the media and culture saying how could you
4:27 am
support trump as a woman as if there is a woman card that will be removed from you if you don't do those things. there is over 100 women here today for this conference. what do you say to people who believe that? >> for me, it's real simple. i look at the policies of the vivid. i believe in individual responsibility. i believe in lower taxes. i believe in growing our economy. fighting for better trade deals. safer, stronger communities. better education. these are all things, not just as a woman but as a parent that matter to me. this is a president who believes in strong, powerful women. look at all the ones around him. and he believes in empowering them. but doing so, put them on a ground where they know they can do anything he want to do. >> women's issues are the same as everybody the same as the men. except there is a focus on, is my family safe? is my country safe and what are we going to do from here? >> we voted for somebody to come in and clean up the swamp. and get the truth back where it should be.
4:28 am
>> one of the tactics of the left is to say they represent all women. you being here today says, to those women? >> they will be surprised how few women they represent. they don't represent this woman that's for sure. >> do you think the left was expecting this kavanaugh effect on the right? >> i don't think they were. and they are still mad because they lost the 2016 presidential election. so, this is where they are going to do. they are going to have a temper tantrum. no one should suffer what this man has gone through. i have to tell you if you are a male in america today that can happen to you. >> conviction is terrifying for all of us. should be terrifying for mothers of sons and terrifying for mothers of daughter and women in scblenget i have think we are going to see a red wave. the theme of this summit is heels on, gloves off. what does that mean to you. >> that means that it's time for the tie lent majority to become the loud majority. >> care about jobs, economy,
4:29 am
national security, and we're united together here to support the president and his policies. so we have the freedom to put our heels on. take our gloves off. and fight for the values that made this country what it is and to make america great again. steve: well, it looked like you learned a lot. >> i did. listen, they really feel like they are the silent majority. these are women who don't put on pink hats and carry a picket sign. this is how they organize and express how they feel. they are pretty jazzed up. they were jazzed up before the brett kavanaugh event when this event was planned. they are very, very politically excited since the hearings and i'm sure now seeing him confirmed. brian: w ed: we have been talking about threats, particularly republicans being during the kavanaugh battle. now headline on the left
4:30 am
trying to find more ways to impeach kavanaugh. this is somethinthis has to be l for you. >> i know jamie gardner, senator gardner's wife. what a wonderful family. such a shame this is happening. i think people forget and this is where i think there is a lot of bias in the media. if you had seen 12 or more democrat members of congress almost executed on the baseball field a year ago. i don't think that you would see this kind of sort of passivity on the part of the media and the left about these radical elements within their groups. this is dangerous stuff. scalise almost died. 's let's not forget had he not had that detail there would have a mass execution on that field. only because he was a leader in the house that he had that security detail.
4:31 am
the rest of them don't have that. so these threats are real. as a wife, i'm concerned. i'm concerned that it has escalated now to where they are talking about kids and wives. it's scary stuff. if you thought brett kavanaugh, what happened to him was going to keep people away from entering into public life. this will keep people from entering into public life. because their families are everything to them. ainsley: that's right. they are not the only one in the public eye now. their kids are it's ridiculous. susan collins now has security. thank you, rachel. >> thank you. ed: taylor swift out of the woods and into the political arena. the mega star breaking silence to rip into republicans. we have that story coming up ♪
4:32 am
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4:35 am
♪ 'cause i'm happy ainsley: this was extraordinary women's conference. in roanoke, virginia. and the lady on the left there is julie clinton. she is an amazing woman. she and her husband tim, they started these conferences and they go around the country and teach women how to draw closer to the heart of god. and they have a heart for god. they are amazing individuals. there was praise and worship music and lots of speakers. and it was just wonderful. and i'm so honored that i was selected to go and speak. spoke in front of 6,000 people. steve: you were working over the weekend. ainsley: it was my pleasure. any time -- i can't believe i get the honor of waking everyone up every morning. god has blessed me in so many ways to go out and share my faith with other people to god be the glory. because it's not me. it's him working in high life. it's fun to go out and share my story and hopefully help other people. >> extraordinary women you are out there. you be not out there.
4:36 am
>> added event surrounded by other christians and other women supporting you and watch fox news every morning. you get an opportunity to listen to great praise and worship music. it's a lot of fun. if you want more information on these conferences go to oklahoma coming up. steve: one of the most powerful women in show business is taylor swift. in the past she has never revealed her political leanings. a lot of people thought because she hasn't come out to support women's issues she must be a conservative. as it turns out last night she shocked a lot of people by coming out and supporting two tennessee democrats. she lives in nashville. in the tennessee area. since she was 10 years old. and she supports phil bredesen running for the u.s. senate opposite marsha blackburn and a democrat running for the u.s. house who has that job right now. >> she was on instagram saying this in the past i have been reluctant to voice
4:37 am
my political opinions but due to several events in my life and in the world in the past two years i feel very differently about that now. i cannot support marsha blackburn. her voting record in congress aappals and terrifies me. bredesen the democrat you mentioned on friday he put out a statement saying if he was in the senate right now he would support judge kavanaugh to be justice kavanaugh. ainsley: he said that before. ed: before she came out over the weekend. ainsley: i wonder if she knows that. >> she said you are never going to find a politician that you lined up 100 percent of the time. what's interesting as well is going in to the weekend according to a fox news poll, she, marsha blackburn was leading bredesen by five points. the big question is, do people listen to entertainers when they tell you who to vote for. you know, she has a lot of friends. she has got a lot of famous
4:38 am
friends who try to use that i know influence. at the same time, at the very end of her passage, she talked about how tomorrow is the final day to register to vote in tennessee. ainsley: i think when they first become famous they are reluctant to talk about politics because they don't wanted it to affect their fan base. once they make as much money taylor swift has she is like whatever i'm going to be myself now. ed: hollywood endorsements would decide these things hillary clinton would have won last time. she had a lot of hollywood endorsement. steve: she did, indeed. we are on twitter and facebook. ainsley: that's right. ed: someone almost as big a star as t swift jillian. jillian: yes said no one ever. i thought i needed to greet you have to swivel. ainsley: looking into the camera. jillian: good morning. get you caught up on headlines this morning. nau you can turn back. go ahead. bill cosby is begging to get out of big house less than
4:39 am
two weeks after getting locked up. disgraced comedian's lawyers appealing his conviction and prison sentence in pennsylvania. cosby's attorneys say the sexual assault case was riddled with errors calling his three to 10 years prison sentence extreme. the wife of a fallen ph.d. officer andrew cuomo in a ad. >> it debetrays everywhere and devalues the life of my husband. governor cuomo my kids and i have lived with the pain for over 47 years. there is no parole from that. jillian: her man belle the convicted murderer was released in april. appointed the parole board that made the decision. former british prime minister winston churchill is one of the greatest leaders in history. now astronaut scott kelly is apologizing for calling him that on twitter.
4:40 am
in a follow-up tweet kelly writes quoted did not mean to offend by quoting churchill my apologies. i will go and educated myself further on his atrocities and racist views which i do not support. my point is we need to come together as one nation. we are all americans that should transsend partisan politics. send it back to you. steve: janice dean joins us from outside. she has a bunch of folks behind her and she is tracking a big storm. janice: yes, we do. we will talk about the storm first and talk about the nice folks that came out in the rain here. tropical storm michael almost a hurricane. watching the latest advisory come out at 8:00 a.m. we have hurricane watches in effected for the panhandle of florida. this is expected to make landfall across florida. we think on wednesday. that's a cat 2. but it's going to be very close to a major hurricane. the good news is it's going to be a quick mover but
4:41 am
cause problems obviously not only for florida but the southeast. this is going to be a big story. not a lot of time to make sure that your plans are in place. you want to listen to your local forecast. and we'll certainly keep you up to date here. here is the gfs and model very good agreement. happen wednesday? happen wednesday morning or wednesday afternoon. so that is going to be the question and how strong will it be? we are going to see a lot of rainfall with this as well. several inches. big story, i know it's sort of kind of came out of nowhere. we were watching it but the gulf of mexico there is a loft warm water and so weekend see some strength. hi, hi, hi. what are your names real quick. >> from detroit. >> i'm joe say hi to my mom in michigan. >> millie from south florida. >> south carolina. janice: all right. look at this. they came in the rain on columbus day. back inside. >> everybody is under that one umbrella except the weather person. good job, janice.
4:42 am
straight ahead president trump giving next guest big shoutout during his rally in toe peek carktopeka, kansas. >> go out and vote for my friend crisco balk on election day. steve: chris kobach is going to join us live next. >> alexandria ocasio-cortez says there is a way to prevent more justice kavanaughs, get rid of the electoral college. steve: oh boy, here we go ♪ ys do. sergeant baker, how are you? they took care of everything a to z. having insurance is something everyone needs, but having usaa- now that's a privilege.
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ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy and the power of 1-2-3. ♪ trelegy 1-2-3 save at >> what a job he did for me, i will tell you. what a job he did. he is going to be a great governor. he will do the job for you. he is going to be a great, great governor. he is a tireless champion for border security. he will fight for you every
4:46 am
single day. he doesn't stop. he will protect your family. he will protect your children. everybody get out and vote for my friend kris kobach on election day, please. ed: you heard him and here he is the man himself kris kobach. great to see you, g.o.p. g.o.p. governor for kansas. >> . one of the things that caught my ear is you put illegal immigration front and center. it seems to me i spend most of my time in washington. forget about the democrats for a second. republican leaders in washington don't seem to be following through on that. >> you know, it's disappointing especially on the wall. building the wall is elementary obvious thing we need to do to secure our burden you have democrats saying don't build the wall and downtown even fund ice. it's ridiculous. every time we have an election politicianness
4:47 am
washington and gubernatorial level as is the case in my race remind where voters are on this. they want to start giving benefits to illegal aliens. ed: polls i look at suggest this is neck in neck. one point either way. this is supposed to be kansas, a pretty red state obviously. house races the president was also campaigning on that are closer, i think, you would have to admit closer than the g.o.p. want them. are democrats right there is some kind of a blue wave that might impact even a state like kansas as well? >> i don't think the blue wave is as big as they predict. in kansas, we do have a history of going back and forth between republican and democrat governors for the last 50 years. that's why kathleen sebelius obs hhs secretary. there is historically every time the second year into a new presidency, there is usually the opposition party
4:48 am
has a little bit of a boost. i think what you are seeing in kansas is that boost is starting to be mitigated especially by president trump's visit and by the intense frustration americans have about the kavanaugh hearing. ed: let's talk about the trump effect first and then get to kavanaugh i was covering ron desantis a few weeks back down in florida. he was way behind in the g.o.p. battle for nomination for governor in the sunshine state. he gets the president behind him and there is a -- you know, multidigit swing. president's rally for you. is that the kind of movement you would like to sees a well in the days ahead? >> absolutely. who wouldn't, right? i mean, there is no denying it president trump has a kind of electricity and an ability to campaign for others. that past presidents haven't had. you know, past presidents didn't fill huge arenas with arh 11,000 people coming in to campaign with somebody else as in my case. there is no question he has electrified the people. the voters in kansas. and hopefully it will produce a boost. we will see.
4:49 am
ed: let's talk about the kavanaugh effect, if we were having this conversation 10 days ago. boy, conservatives are a little bit deflated. their nominee is getting battered. some republican leaders maybe not pushing back hard enough and then we see it turn. democrats perhaps overplaying their hand to the point that kavanaugh is confirmed. but, sir, did they also overplay their hand to the point that now conservatives in your state and others are frustrated that democrats went so low that maybe in november they are going to turn out in big numbers? >> yeah. i would use a stronger word than frustrated. i would say they are angered. remember one other thing, ed, that is one of the things that was maybe the third tier issue or second tier issue in 2016 that motivated voters was the supreme court of the united states. we had open seat on the supreme court. constitutionalist conservative americans all around the country said hey, we can't risk this going to someone hillary clinton would put on the court. there is something similar going on today. people are worried about protecting our constitution. when they saw what the
4:50 am
democrats were going to do. that westward people. i think that motivated them. criticize kobach we appreciate you coming in this morning. >> my pleasure. all right. you have seen the video, meanwhile. anti kavanaugh protesters, talking about a moment ago. harassing republicans like senator jeff flake in that he had variety. guess what, we just learned some of them were getting paid. plus, alexandria ocasio-cortez says there is a way to prevent more justice kavanaughs. get rid of the electoral vijay, she says. well, dinesh da souza is here with a little bit of a history lesson for the candidate. >> tech: so you think this chip is nothing to worry about? well at safelite, we know sooner or later every chip will crack. these friends were on a trip when their windshield got chipped. so they scheduled at
4:51 am
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4:53 am
steve: democrat candidate alexandria ocasio-cortez in the hour after brett kavanaugh was confirmed to the supreme court tweeted support for abolishing the
4:54 am
electoral college to prevent more kavanaughs. alexandria ocasio-cortez tweeting, quote: it is well-past time we eliminate the electoral college a shadow of slavery's power on america today that undermines our nation as a democratic republic. so, why does the electoral college matter? joining us now dinesh da souza, conservative filmmaker and author of did the death of a nation "also a major motion picture available. when you read her tweet, what did she think she was talking about. >> first of all, i think she is confusing the electoral college with the three fifth clause. the three fifth clause was about slavery argument north and south over representation. ironically the north, which was the anti-slavery side wanted blacks to count for zero because they wanted to reduce the representative power of the slave states. the south wanted blacks to count for a full person.
4:55 am
three fifth clause to presented to show the blacks not to be fully human isn't at all. electoral college is a different matter. large states and small states. not. anna: at this quaked issue, we have stla now. we have large states, we have small states, if we had a system that gave power only to the large states. the small states would be unrepresented. the whole point of having the core of our founding is the consent of the governed. to create a union, the founders needed the consent of the large states and small states. the electoral college is part of that arithmetic. steve: sure. you know, dinesh, the electoral college has become a talking point for the left because, look at donald trump. he won the electoral college but lost the popular vote. same thing with george bush. so we have heard this for a while. >> we have heard it for a while. i think, you know, in this case, i'm not saying we shouldn't have a debate about this. the problem is that someone
4:56 am
once said tonight take a fence down if you don't know why it was put up in the first place. the founders had a philosophical statesmanship that tried to have powerful ideas but implemented in the real world. the problem is today we don't understanding our schools don't do a good job impeeching the principles of the founding. you have this fanaticism. steve: you blame her education. >> i'm blaming her professors and blaming her. steve: thank you dinesh da souza for joining us live. >> thank you, sir. steve: with a history lesson. did you see this? halftime show in mississippi depicting law enforcement at gunpoint. one police chief from that state is going to join us live. justice brett kavanaugh waste nothing time to get to work for the supreme court. what kind of impact will he have on the bench? we will talk to law professor jonathan turley. he will join us in about 10 minutes ♪ it's already bee it's all beee
4:57 am
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find your certified financial planner™ professional at ♪ steve. >> supreme court justice brett kavanaugh set for a ceremonial swear-in at the white house at 7:00 p.m. >> this is the opportunity to have a turnout in this off-year election that would help us hold the senate. >> i had to have security because of threats against me and family member. >> senator collins actually made me proud to be a woman, to hear her stand up for the truth. >> 20 people, most of them heading to a party, killed in a limo crash. >> this is now the deadliest transportation accident in the u.s. in about a decade. ainsley: president trump celebrating new round of accomplishment. with record low unemployment rate. >> there are people working in this country that two or three years ago had given up the idea of ever having a good job.
5:01 am
>> taylor swift said she is voting for democrats. >> make an informed decision. marsha blackburn is against lgbt. marsha blackburn is against pro-woman. givegive me a break. that is ridiculous. ♪ steve: live from new york city, the site of the big columbus day parade. ainsley: they're getting ready for fifth avenue. i'm debating how will i get home. when they block the street, can't figure out how to get home. ed: subway problem. ainsley: i used to do subway. i'm scared with cameras in people's faces. not doing that. steve: thank you for joining us. brian is off today. ed: always tough to be on with ainsley, she is sweetest person. you have to sit up straight. you have to have your tie right. ainsley: thank you. i always try to remind myself to have good posture. i have to remind myself to sit
5:02 am
like this. big news happened over the weekend. you were working on the weekend show. justice roberts was sworn in saturday night. tonight he is sworn in ceremonially with the president. steve: that's right. i was reading an item on over the weekend. ed: you were? steve: talking about what a great week for the president of the united states. not only was he able to put a second conservative on the supreme court, but you look at the economy. we saw in the cold open, unemployment at 3.7%. it hasn't been that low in a couple of generations. charles payne was with us a little while ago. he talked about how things are really going trump's way. >> didn't have these opportunities five years ago, whether they give president trump the credit i'm not sure. the kind of jobs out there people given up on. mining through the roof. construction through the roof. manufacturing through the roof. by the way these are
5:03 am
better-paying jobs than the jobs going down, leisure, hospitality and retail. people working in this country right now, two, three years ago, given up idea on ever having a good job. ed:, was all the winning on donald trump. donald trump, jr. was on instagram, saying someone must have hacked their account. how did cnn do that? >> ainsley: only 3.7% of individuals looking for jobs? that is pretty phenomenal. the lowest since 1969. the other. steve: the other big win with brett kavanaugh. a. ed: a lot of people are not happy. a writer for stephen colbert we loss that, i'm just glad we ruined brett kavanaugh's life. ainsley: she is glad. ed: they're admitting, hey, this is great. we wanted to beat him up, try to prevent him from gets on the court. at least we destroyed his
5:04 am
reputation. tried to clarify it. hard to clarify something like that. steve: it has been tough for her. tough for the country. senator hirono from the great state of hawaii. she does not like brett kavanaugh. now that he is seated on the supreme court he is not really going to be viewed the same way as all the other justice. >> he will be on the supreme court with huge taint and big asterisk after his name. when you interview a small number of people, not dozens of others who wanted to be interviewed by the fbi, that is a sham. it raises more questions questions that it answered. this whole impeachment, i'm focused on here and now, all these very angry women -- ainsley: why the asterisk, why the taint next to his name? because they tried to ruin his life. ed: talk about dozens of
5:05 am
witnesses, a lot of stories were debunked. democratic leaders said let's steer clear of those. they will make the party look worse. steve: in the hearing in front of the senate judiciary committee, had impactses -- lindy gram was talking about the -- lindsey graham talked about. >> those running for house in purple districts will you be asked to impeach judge kavanaugh, based on five allegations none which could be corroborated? do you have an out come so you basically turn the law upside down. here is the other point. the other side wants to cancel election. chuck, you want somebody new, look at this list, see if anybody you want to agree to. senator schumer, you want to overturn the election, you pick the judges. we'll not let you pick the judges. if you want to pick judges you
5:06 am
need to win the white house. ed: he is calling something out as well i watched on friday before the procedural vote, mr. president, this is damaged nominee. send us something else. he will be right of center, this will be a fair hearing. lindsey graham called out there is not a single conservative on the list president trump was about 2016 chuck schumer would support or give fair hearing. two democratic nominees under the obama administration. steve: meantime talking about politics. now the supreme court, the 5-4 split really reflects the united states of america. the country is divided and polarized. you look, even though mr. kavanaugh now seated on the supreme court, the democrats are trying to make hey. tom perez sent out a email, make republicans pay for the price of brett kavanaugh. they're fund-raising.
5:07 am
we can't let this happen. send us $3. i don't know if it is $3, it starts at $3. ainsley: because people can afford that asking for a little bit. if a lot of people do that you raise a lot of money, but make him pay. make him pay. does that bother you? ed: in the context, you're right of all the threats out there. cory gardner, the senator from colorado, his wife getting a text message from someone out there a video of someone being beheaded. because your husband voted for nominee you might be under threat. this is absurd. make the republicans pay in this context a little disturbing. steve: how did somebody wind up with her phone number? over the weekend fox news correspondent revealed members of congress have little booklets with everybody's phone numbers. those belong to the members. ed: sort of like a family, in an emergency. ainsley: when i work ford are a senator i had that book. i could contact any one, any
5:08 am
other senator and all the personal information was in the book. steve: big question whether or not that was the source or somebody knew it. it was on a school list, something like that. there is jackson co. ksko was arrested and facing charges. he was staffer for number of democrats up on capitol hill including sheila jackson lee. he is the one according to authorities is the one who dox x'd, sent out personal information. ed: information of senators. steve: he was seen in the off of senator hassan and a staffer saw him, reported him, reportedly, he sent an email, if you tell anybody i will leak email, i will leak children's medical records, i will leak social security numbers. so whatever you do, don't tell anybody. of course now he is -- ed: one staffer. if there is coordinated campaign he could do real damage to people and her families.
5:09 am
ainsley: mitch mcconnell said that will not hurt us. this will not stop us. we'll not be intimidated, keep going to fight for the country and fight for what we believe in. steve: he said yesterday the senate is not broken. he may believe it but a lot of people don't. ed: ronna mcdaniel the chair at the rnc. she said this will be even bigger issue than we thought in the midterms. watch. >> results versus resistance. are you better off than you were two years ago? are jobs coming back to this country? is the military turned around? is isis on the run? all the things we can say because republicans delivered results. democrats are running on resist andobstruct. they're not being shy about it. they are talking about more hearings they want to put in place if they get the house, impeachment hears. it is a clear choice for the voters. ed: president tested out this new line of attack in topeka, kansas, rally last night. he came out with this line,
5:10 am
radical democrats are just not delaying obstruction but delay and destroy. obviously pivoting out of the kavanaugh nomination fight, saying they have been out to destroy this administration and agenda from day one. steve: the message from the president to the republicans and his base stop them. vote to stop them. meanwhile the democrats message? vote to stop them, the republicans. so people are energized. ainsley: people are very angry. many people are angry about what happened to kavanaugh and his reputation and his family. ed: well -- steve: a lot of people feel he should not be on the supreme court. ed: no stopping jillian. she has more headlines. jillian: good morning. i noticed the slight turn. thank you very much. improvement. yes, baby steps. we do have a fox news alert. this story, this limo crash we continue to follow. a birthday celebration ends in tragedy in upstate new york, a
5:11 am
limo blows past a stop sign and slams into an suv. all 18 people and two pedestrians were killed in the deadliest crash in the u.s. the limo a last minute substitute for a van originally hired. among the victims, four sisters. the group celebrating the youngest sister's birthday. >> just, horrific. i've been on the board for 12 years and this is one of the biggest losses of life, loss of lives we've seen. jillian: there is a gofundme page to raise money for parents of two little girls and another page raises money for burials. go to "fox & friends".com. rob schmitt joins us live at 8:45 with reaction from the aunt of sisters. jillian: florida governor rick scott suspending his campaign and declaring an emergency as tropical storm michael nears the
5:12 am
coast. strong winds felt 175 miles away. so far no evacuations have been announced. janice dean will keep us updated. deputy attorney general rod rosenstein traveling with president trump today. they will speak to chief of police from around the world in orlando, florida, about success restoring law and order in the united states. cops before rosenstein's meeting with house lawmakers on thursday, about "the new york times" report that claims he discussed secretly recording president trump. check this out, a police officer shows off his awesome dance moves. >> look at me. [siren] jillian: many questions, in the studio right now. this is officer shilling busting a move outside of a louisiana school. his fellow officers, ainsley mixing police sirens and horns to give him a beat to groove to. ainsley is like, what is that?
5:13 am
steve: the d.j. inside the police cruiser in the buttons making the music. ainsley: pan over, to see all the children watching. jillian: doing it for the kids. ainsley: 13 minutes at the top of the hour, justice kavanaugh wasting no time getting to work on the supreme court. what impact will he have on the bench? jonathan turley will be with us. a city for columbus, ohio, has made a big change to it is calendar. that is coming up. ♪ and try new align gummies with prebiotics and probiotics to help support digestive health.
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♪ steve: justice pretty kavanaugh set for ceremonial swearing in at the white house at 7:00 p.m. the new member not wasting anytime, getting to work. we have constitutional law professor at george washington university, jonathan turley. jonathan, good morning to you. >> thank you,. steve: steve what do you make of democrats say there will be a taint with this guy, as
5:18 am
terrific? >> whether this is beginning of wikipedia page it won't end. what follows his confirmation fight will be decades of opinions. that is called a legacy. he inevitably will have quite a long legacy. steve: you feel he will have a big impact on america? >> i think kavanaugh is viewed as a long-term investment because of his age, but he will have some pretty short term returns. this docket is designed, it steams for kavanaugh. first week we had a number of case, environmental case, criminal case. there is even an executive power emergency order on the docket. all of those really go to his sweet spot, i expect they're going to order reargument of two cases last week. those cases looks like they will end up 4-4, some of them. this docket is like having a left-handed pitcher throw to a righty. this is designed for kavanaugh to put things out of the park.
5:19 am
he is expected to make a big difference in terms of the switch vote from kennedy on criminal cases, environmental cases, executive power cases, these are all on the docket. i expect you're also going to see moving abortion cases, affirmative action cases quickly through the system. steve: because you have nine justices you can't ever have a tie, however you have written about a proposal where because the number of justices on the supreme court is not mandated by the u.s. constitution, you would like to see this supreme court have 19. explain that. >> well, i did a study many years ago, really concluded that nine is possibly one of the worst numbers you could have. we have the smallest court of any large nation. the fact that we have nine justices is really an accident. we used to add a justice when we added a circuit. we ended up with nine. ever since we did that, we've had the problem of a divided
5:20 am
court with one swing justice. 19 members would dilute the power of justices. every time we have a confirmmation the whole republic wouldn't seem to be wresting in the balance. we'll look on someone's credentials and jurisprudence views. steve: can congress change this? >> the congress can set the number. they can increase t would occur for many years. so no justice would have all the seats. you would have a court about the size of other nations. these justices would not hold so much concentrated power. steve: are you suggesting thinking maybe you would be on the list? >> well i think with have to go to 1900 before they reach my point on the list. steve: jonathan turley. thanks for being with us live. what do you think of that proposal? email us. this democratic staffer accused of leaking republican
5:21 am
information. the left said he was an inturn but that is not true. did you see this a halftime show in mississippi depicting cops at gunpoint? one chief outraged is next. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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which is the main reason i left the military. everybody wants more for their kids, but i feel like with my kids, they measurably get more than i ever got. and i get to do that. i get to provide that for them. ♪ ainsley: we have quick headlines for you. susan rice could be gearing up to challenge maine senator susan collins in 2020. the couple ba era official will make the decision after midterms. she raised possibility of running after collins voted to confirm judge brett kavanaugh. rice has owned a home for the last 20 years. a staffer charged with releasing republican information was not an intern. jackson cosko was a paid fellow for congresswoman sheila
5:25 am
jackson lee's office. cosko faces nearly 50 years in prison if convicted. ed? ed: mississippi high school marching band halftime show is creating outrage, rightly so. you will not believe it. take a look at it. members of the forest hills high school marching band, were addressed as doctors and nurses holding other members dressed as s.w.a.t. team officers at gunpoint of the display came two days after two police officers were killed in the line of duty, yes, in a nearby town. our next guest calls it distateful to say the least. the adults in charge should have known better. joining me is the police chief for natchez, mississippi, president of the mississippi association of police chiefs, walter armstrong. good morning, sir. >> good morning ed. ed: what was your initial reaction saw the still image the marching band depicting this idea they were holding police
5:26 am
officers at gunpoint? >> i'm here to speak on behalf of the mississippi association of chiefs of police. we have been inundated with calls all over the state, in some cases outside the state of mississippi about this incident that took place in brookhaven, mississippi, on a football field during a halftime show. forest hill high school football team, they traveled to brookhaven for a halftime show, and we are baffled why someone would think it is okay to allow children to be armed with ar-15, although they were fake weapons, to hold law enforcement at bay? we are very outraged. that was a very distasteful performance that played out on the football field. ed: that is important piece of information. to be clear these were fake weapons, as far as we know there is no ammunition there, but the fact of the matter is to point anything at law enforcement officers and depict the idea, try to demonstrate the idea you could hold them hostage is obviously despicable.
5:27 am
>> well, ed, in most schools, it is against the policy to bring even fake guns to school. while we support our youth, we support those students but you would think that someone who was in charge of those students would have known better. we are very saddened because it happened within 48 hours of the burial of two local police officers in that city. ed: unbelievable. >> it could not have happened at a worst time. we know that we have to do better. this is just something that never should have happened and we hope that it is a teachable moment for not only those students but for the leaders of that high school band. ed: i want to give a statement from the school, i want to give the officers, the school says on behalf of the jackson public school district i want to offer my deep and sincere apologies for the performance by the forest hills high school band. jps, that school district has a great deal of respect and
5:28 am
appreciation for law enforcement partners. it does not depict the values of people in our community. we sincerely apologize to all. we pledge to do better in the future. is that, first of all, good enough for you? but secondly, talk about the officers, more important to remember who they were and how they lost their lives of the. >> fir of all those officers answered a call to service. they answered a call that someone was in distress. upon arriving to the scene they realized shots had been fired, they found blood spatter of the scene. they went to look are to the victim who was in need of their service. and once they found this victim, of course they were ambushed. but i think it is very important that the jackson public school district swiftly and aggressively took a stand. my understanding the band director is on leave. but again, for the life of me, i don't know how this even ever happened. i don't know how the band
5:29 am
director and perhaps others thought it was okay that we can allow these students very impressionable minds to go out on the football field and aim and point a threat to kill law enforcement officer. as you know, we have really been faced with a lot of death and in the ranks of law enforcement. that particular weekend, we lost three law enforcement officers. that was one of the most deadly weekends that i have seen in my 34 years of law enforcement. ed: walter armstrong, you called it a teachable moment. i think that is a very important point to make because there is no excuse for it. there has been that apology, but as you say we have to respect our men and women in uniform. we appreciate you explaining all that to us, sir. >> thank you very much for having me on. ed: other news happening today. they're known as mama bears. republican woman are furious the way democrats treated justice kavanaugh. could that turn into red in the
5:30 am
midterms. t-swift breaking political silence to rip, yes, republicans. your comments are pouring in. we'll have them next. ♪ l. i recommend pronamel because it helps protect and strengthen your enamel. it's pro enamel. it's the positive thing. ♪ i can do more to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. i take trulicity once a week to activate my body to release its own insulin, like it's supposed to. trulicity is not insulin. it works 24/7. it comes in an easy-to-use pen. and i may even lose a little weight. trulicity is an injection to improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes when used with diet and exercise. don't use it as the first medicine to treat diabetes, or if you have type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.
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♪ >> nothing turns republicans of all stripes, whether they're bush republicans or trump republicans on like a court fight and they played right into our hands. ainsley: angering a lot of republicans. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell thanking democrats for unifying the republican base ahead of the midterms. the mama bears are part of that base and they are republican women who are angry the way justice kavanaugh was treated. could their anger turn midterm congressional races red? we're getting reaction from our panel. we have kathy barnett, a radio
5:34 am
host, beth is an attorney. jeannie is a political science professor and noelle nikpour a republican strategist. i will start with you down there. do you think there is truth to that? "new york post," a article saying mama bears are mad, republican women are mad the way kavanaugh was treated and it will help them in purple states? >> absolutely ainsley. it will come down to the base versus the base. ainsley: that is a song. >> well it is, it is going to come down to the base. i think mama bears movement kind of depicts what is going on with people on the opposite side on the red side that are angry. in midterms right now, this is a pivotal point. and a lot of people are saying, get ready for the blue wave, the blue wave is coming. i think it will be met with the red wall. i think they will resist it. i noticed fund-raising has picked up. this mama bear movement, the, you know, the feeling that the republicans don't like what
5:35 am
happened to kavanaugh the way he was victimized and his reputation ruined, i think you will see a turnaround in this midterms for some of the states looked like death to the front door of some of those candidates. i think you will see some of these races start to peak. the fund-raising numbers have already shown us, they're not only getting mad with their voice, ainsley, they're getting mad with their dollars. ainsley: beth you have children that work in washington. you have turned into a mama bear. >> i love the term mama bear. i do have a 17-year-old son. he is my baby. seeing what that nomination process has done to our country. he is white. he goes to a private high school. he is a senior. he happens to play football. some on the left say he is privileged. at that point, 30 years down the road can a random person come out of the woodwork make a false accusation against my son, we're supposed to believe her because she is a female?
5:36 am
a mama bear comes out with my oldest who works in d.c. for concerned women for america. she happens to be in d.c. during all of the protests on the left and we, you had -- they weren't protests but you had those supporting kavanaugh and my particular had a t-shirt as well as the other colleagues she worked with at concerned women for america, #confirm kavanaugh. they were spit at. they were cursed at. a colleague was punched in the face. and it got to a point, shortly after the, shortly after the vote, she happened to have been in the gallery, my daughter was, after the vote, their boss, penny nance said leave for your safety. the mama bear is coming out. get out and support those candidates! ainsley: jeannie, we're seeing so many democrats coming out and inflicting violence? i mean when is it enough? when do democrats start to spread the message amongst your
5:37 am
party, saying we've gone too far? >> so i think if you look at polling, anybody suggests they know what will happen in four weeks is, either lying to you or completely delusional because we've never been in this space before. i am a researcher. i'm not a partisan person but i am the independent voice of the misdemeanor ma bears up here i will tell you what we do know, what we're looking at, two energized bases. i think you're absolutely right. the key here is where do independents and moderates go and do the bases sustain this for four weeks? because in politics four weeks is a lifetime. so what i'm advising people, saying the polls last week said this we're a month out already. you have to look at that. the best data we have now suggests two things. number one, republicans likely to hold the senate, maybe even pick up a couple seats. the math looks good for them. the democrats likely enough to get the house, which for all of us should be a concern. we will have divided government.
5:38 am
if we thought nothing was happening before, really nothing is going to happen now. i don't want to be a deb any downer. that is best estimate. you can cherry-pick data and find support for anything you want to say. ainsley: kathy. i want to get you in here. >> i sat and echo the sentiment of so many mama bears who sat and watched democrats try to destroy a really good man. we need to get our minds around where the democratic party is, take us back, back to the days of mccarthyism, where an allegation can destroy your life, or back to the days under jim crow law. i grew up in the very deep south, i remember stories of emmett till who was brutally beaten and murdered because a white woman claim he made accusation he tried to talk to her. nine scots borough boys, black boys received the death penalty because two white women falsely
5:39 am
accused them of raping them. women at supreme court had a sign, believe women. no, in this country we believe the evidence. as a mama bear, raising two wonderful, right, children i refuse that. i reject that. i reject the sloppy thinking on the left. i reject the undisciplined emotion we're seeing out of the democratic party. ainsley: north korea readyallow inspectors into its nuclear and missile testing sites. it has been one of the main sticking points in denuclearization negotiations. secretary of state mike pompeo making the announcement overnight after wrapping up his meeting with north korean leader kim jong-un. >> we had a good, productive covers with many steps along the way and today we took another step forward. jillian: pompeo says the two sides are pretty close to an agreement on a second summit
5:40 am
between president trump and kim jong-un. an investigation is underway as six children are diagnosed with a rare polo-like disease in minnesota. health officials in the state looking into the outbreak that began in mid-september. the condition known as asm attacks the body's nervous system and can cause paralysis. there is no vaccine available for the illness. minnesota typically sees less than one case per year. columbus, ohio, won't celebrate the columbus day today, for first time. city officials will remain open. they will get the day off on veterans day. the mayor says it doesn't have to do with a movement to cancel columbus day. they say they don't have the money to give workers two days off. go outside to janice dean where hurricane season is not over yet.
5:41 am
janice: yes, ma'am. we could have a major hurricane on our hands in the next 24 hours. this is almost a hurricane. this is michael. we do expect it to become a category 2 at least, maybe even a category 3 across the florida panhandle. the exact timing and how strong it is going to be still yet to be determined. once it makes landfill, it will be a quick mover so there is that. however i want you to be on guard i have hadding across the eastern coast. we're not really sure where it makes landfall. the florida panhandle. bringing a lot of rain and a lot of wind. be prepared. that is happening wednesday. look at all my friends that came on columbus day. 30th anniversary to carolyn married to someone here at fox news that wants to remain anonymous. steve: we can do research. ed: try to get that by the top of the hour. ainsley: thank you, janice. 41 minutes after the top of the hour. 20 people were killed in the
5:42 am
horrific wedding limo crash, the deadliest accident in the u.s. in nearly pa decade. you will hear from the broken-hearted families coming up next. this flu season, protect yourself...
5:43 am
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5:45 am
over 60 million flu shots and counting. starts with protecting yours. walgreens trusted since 1901. ed: back with a very important fox news alert. a birthday celebration that ended in a terrible tragedy. ainsley: 20 people were killed when a packed limo blows through a stop sign and crashes into an suv. the limo, a last-minute substitute for a van that was originally hired. the victim's sister texting before the impact that it was in a terrible condition. steve: rob is here with the latest on deadliest car crash in u.s. history. reporter: worst story i've heard in a while. 20 people killed, 17 were friends. they crashed into a parked suv. now this all happened saturday afternoon around 2:00 p.m. the limo driver and two pedestrians
5:46 am
also killed. the two pedestrians were in a parking lot outside of the restaurant. the tragedy unfolded outside of apple barrel country store. it is a very popular place this time of the year on weekends. the store manager said the limousine was coming down a hill likely going 60 miles per hour, blew right through the stepped sign, into a parked car in the parking lot. among the victims are four sisters. that group celebrating the youngest sister's 30th birthday. the family as you can imagine is devastated. >> they were fun-loving, they were wonderful girls. they would do anything for you. they were very close to each other and they loved their family. one has two little children and one has one child. and they now have no home. no parents. reporter: this is even more heartbreaking. two gofundme inpas set up to raise money. one is for the two little girls. they are four years old and 16
5:47 am
months. see them on the left-hand side of the screen. they now have no parents. the money would be used to help raise them for college funds. they're halfway to the goal of $75,000. hopefully they get there. another go fund me raised money for burials for two brothers. go to to. we hope to learn more with an autopsy of a driver, figured out how a accident like this happened in broad daylight, 2:00 in the afternoon on a saturday. i don't know if there is any indication whether or not the suv hit the brakes. you can imagine, 17 people in a car. ainsley: four sisters. the two guys in the gofundme are brothers? >> a lot of people were married. there is like at least a couple couples were killed. ainsley: what about survivors, the parents still alive, they're devastated. reporter: another story, two were just married in june. wedding couple ma married in june just killed. a terrible story. we hope to learn more.
5:48 am
ed: republicans say democrats attacks on kavanaugh will backfire. one democrat says they might be right. ainsley: check in with sandra smith for what is coming up at top of the hour. >> good morning, ainsley, ed, steve, good morning from "america's newsroom." president trump saying democrats have become too extreme to govern. we have live report from the white house in moments. meanwhile dems not giving up the fight. what nancy pelosi is saying in a new letter to her party. all of this ahead of brett kavanaugh's swearing-in ceremony. we have alan dershowitz, pete king, brit hume, and more coming up live from studio j. see you in a minute. stay just t. or, badda book. badda boom. book now at but prevagen helps your brain with an ingredient originally discovered...
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♪ ainsley: hope you're having a good morning so far, welcome
5:52 am
back. george w. bush's daughter barbara is now married. former first daughter exchanging vows in private family ceremony in maine last night. the bride escorted by her father and grandfather, george h.w. bush, something borrowed was her grandmother's barbara bush bracelet her grandfather gave her on her 70th birthday. taylor swift is breaking silence on politics bashing a republican candidate. writing quote i cannot support marsha blackburn her voting record appalls and terrifies me. swift endorsed two tennessee democrats. send it back to you guys. steve: thank you, jillian. senator susan collins slamming efforts to dough rail brett kavanaugh's nomination to the people court. will it backfire in november. ed: a democrat thinks so, writing a new fox ed, democrats will suffer the
5:53 am
consequences of. ainsley: what do you mean by that, brian? >> we had opportunity to do the right thing work with republicans quietly, privately, investigate the allegations not in the public domain, not do a fact-finding mission in front of cameras but do it discretely. instead we used allegations at last possible minute, rallied up our base and frankly retraumatized a whole bunch of people. not just miss ford but a lot of folks in america who suffered from sexual assault. that is the strategy that i found appalling watching these past couple of months. steve: so of the two parties, whose more energized, brian, going into the midterms? >> i think we have a horse race. i think it is neck-and-neck. i think the real question for november is going to be, where do these independents fall? what is really interesting that the polling show independents are leaning ever so slightly rather to trump, and to the
5:54 am
republicans. this is especially true of men, white men, hispanic men, and though folks who do not have a college education. in other words that is the trump coalition. and so if in fact that continues to happen, that is really the trump coalition coming home for november. so really then the strategy that the democrats employed has backfired. ed: interesting, because we have a poll looking at intensity and interest in the midterms. democrats in july were already pretty high, anti-trump, 78%. in october that has gone up a little bit after kavanaugh, republicans bigger spread. 68% interested in the midterms. october, now up to 80% as you can see. even more intense than the democratic side. what does that tell you what came out of the kavanaugh nomination fight? >> that tells me senator feinstein and schumer really, really screwed up, right? they had an opportunity to continue with the wind at their back and move this towards victory in november. and they blew it.
5:55 am
they absolutely blew it. ainsley: well, the, a lot of democrats look at this presidency. they say he is not presidential. keep in mind he was not a politician before but many consider him a joke. why do they continuously undermine and underestimate this president? look at the economy. >> i'll tell you when president trump passed or announced the new nafta, right, the usmca, that was tremendous i think for a lot of democrats to look at, what he basically did he outflanked us. he is doing more on trade, and by the way as a subset of that, strengthening environment, labor rules, he is doing more than what democrats have done in the past 20 years. so that is an embarrassing fact that democrats have to own. and the other thing he is doing, by doing that, new trade deals he is moving forward with china. he is really trying to prevent a new cold war with the chinese steve steve bryan dean wright from d.c. >> you betcha.
5:56 am
steve: we'll step away. back in two minutes. today, 97% of employers agree
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>> you know the couple i surprised live? peter and mary. they had no idea we were coming to their house friday to make them breakfast until they heard the knock on the door. we left them a coffeemaker and a big mess in their kitchen. >> it was nice of you to give them a coffee pot. >> part of the cookbook. we have two stops in the carolinas this week. friday night in charlotte at park road books. contact park road books in charlotte. 10:00 a.m. saturday before the game in greenville, south carolina, fiction addiction. >> you'll love that store. >> contact fiction addiction in
6:00 am
greenville. >> we sold every copy of the cookbook. >> order more. >> congratulations. see you tomorrow. >> sandra: good morning. fox news alert. a formal swearing in for the newly confirmed soup recommend court cavanaugh. >> i'm jon scott in for bill hemmer. there will be a swearing in ceremony at the white house tonight a day before kavanaugh begins his tenure on the highest court and follows a trump rally in kansas over the weekend where the president slammed democrats. the president saying their behavior during the confirmation process shows they cannot be trusted with control of congress. >> president trump: you don't hand matches to an arsonist and you dwont give


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